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What is IWCO?

IWCO (International Week Coordinating Organization) is an organization which members are voluntary committed students from around the world. It holds a legal entity established in Rotterdam, Netherlands and is always striving for expansion. Its purpose is to create and support international exchange between students of international prestigious universities.

Every member (IW - International Week) organizes an annual local week full of activities that will help to dive into the culture and explore the country. Thanks to corporations with local student unions and external sponsors, the only financial expenses for participating students are their trips to the country itself. Each IW has to include events related to the 4 pillars of IWCO: Business, Culture, Academic and Social Exchange.

All the different IW's are coordinated and connected by the at the annual general meeting elected IWCO board:

IWCO Board

  • Taras Paschenko




    The President of IWCO supervises the processes and work of the IWCO Board as well as all IW Members. The main task is to ensure the wellbeing of IWCO in many aspects including recruiting, financing, strategic planning, sponsoring, improvement & development and marketing solutions - both globally and locally.

    About me:

    "I am in the first year of my master in International Law and Translation at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. I organized 3 home IWs, took part in IW Tokyo 2017 and participated in 3 IWCO Conferences. My experience as an IW Lviv Project Manager and my involvement in various student projects of my faculty allowed me to accumulate invaluable experience which I want to put to use as President of IWCO. I’m dedicated to this network and my main goal is to contribute as much as I can to its current and future development."


  • Selen Olguner

    Fundraising Manager & Treasurer


    Fundraising Manager & Treasurer :

    The Treasurer and Fundraising Manager is responsible for the financial procedures of the IWCO as well as stakeholder management regarding corporate partners

    About me:

    "I studied Business Administration at the Marmara University and Management and Leadership at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. During my IW journey up to now, I was an organizer of IW Istanbul for two years and project leader again for two years. Additionally, I participated in IW West Japan 2017, IW Belgium, IW Lund and IW Zagreb 2018 as well as IW Warsaw 2019, and the IWAW in Prague and Budapest. Previously I worked a year as an auditor and tax consultant. Now I am working as an financial advisor. Currently I am starting my second term as Fundraising Manager and Treasurer. As part of the Board, I want to give back to this amazing organization which contributed a lot to me. "


  • Lili Fazakas

    Communications Manager


    Communications Manager:

    The Communications Manager is responsible for the internal and external communication of IWCO. She maintains and improves the connection of the network, collects feedback from IW organizers and participants and is responsible for supervising the organization of the annual International Week Alumni Weekend.

    About me:

    "I am a student in my 2nd year of International Studies at the Corvinus University of Budapest. During 3 years of experiences in the IWCO network, I participated in IW Barcelona 2018, IW Cologne 2018 and IW Warsaw 2019. Additionally, I was part of IWAW Prague 2018, organized IW Budapest 2018 and 2019 and was main organizer of IWAW Budapest 2019. After these 3 years I felt like I got so much from this community that for the following year I want to use my position as Communications Manager to give back to the IW community in the best way possible."


  • Sonja Höller

    Network Development Manager



    Network Development Manager:

    The Network Development Manager carries out the important task of enlarging the IWCO network. She contacts new universities and/or student unions in order to establish new IWs and provides information to interested students from all over the world who would like to become part of IWCO.

    About me:

    "I am studying Business Information Systems at the University of Economics in Vienna. My IW experience includes Marketing & Social Media in the IW Vienna Organizing Team, IW Toyko Summer 2019, Social Media Manager in the IWCO Board 2019/20 as well as the IWCO Conference in Uppsala 2019 and 2020. I chose to become a Board member, because I noticed how much happiness and motivation I gained through seeing that the Board made a positive impact on the IWCO network. Furthermore, I'm in the Board to improve my soft and hard skills as well as to learn more about the cultural differences."


  • Daryna Kukharo

    Social Media Manager


    Social Media Manager:

    The Social Media Manager of IWCO creates posts and content for all existing social media profiles of IWCO. She is responsible for the entire public social media communication and therefore an important part of keeping the network and its alumni connected.

    About me:

    "Currently I am in my 4th year of International Economic Relations at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. My IW journey involves the participation in IW Uppsala 2018, IW Cologne 2018, IW Zagreb 2019 and IW Tokyo Spring 2020. In addition, I was part of the organizing team of IW Lviv in 2019 and 2020 and I took part in the IWCO Conference 2020. As Board member, I want to do something for the whole network, making our community and organization more socially engaged and more recognizable to others. Every time I take part in a project at home I am responsible for social media. This applies to various forums, projects and volunteer activities I took part in. I believe I can use this experience in the following months as Social Media Manager of our network."


  • Rebecca Janssen

    Marketing Manager


    Marketing Manager

    Marketing Manager’s duties include to strengthen the brand IWCO in all possible ways and to create marketing material for the organization. Furthermore, she updates and maintains the website and works closely with the Social Media Manager in regards of the public image of IWCO.

    About me:

    "I am a Health Economics master student at the University of Cologne. I started as a host in IW Cologne 2018. Since then I participated in IW Uppsala and IW Tel Aviv 2019 and was part of the organizing team of IW Cologne in 2019. Furthermore, I took part in the IWCO Conference 2019 in Uppsala and IWCO Online Conference 2020. Besides my studies I participated in several international programs as well as in exchange semesters in Madrid and Taipei. The upcoming Board Year will be my second term as Marketing Manager of IWCO. I am happy that it combines my pursuit of new and practical learnings outside my studies with my wish to promote the network that has a big value not only for me but also a lot of others."




We aim to provide a platform of academic, business-related, cultural and social exchange for business students from all around the world.


We want to promote the cross-cultural understanding and cooperation by students of our partner organisations to join an International Week and all IWCO related activities.


We believe in mutual cross-cultural respect, diversity, inclusion, international collaboration and networking among aspiring and ambitious students. To create the feeling of unity and tolerance is vital in our changing society.

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