IWCO Conference Rotterdam

23/02 - 27/02/2016


During the conference in Rotterdam held from August 23rd to August 27th in 2016, the outgoing board proudly presented the admirable achievements they made throughout the year. Those included starting a wonderful collaboration with “We Unite For Children”, an organization aiming for raising funds for children by making inspiring films, as well as setting up a legal entity for IWCO.

Therefore, the most important part of the assembly was to discuss and vote on the official articles of association of IWCO, the bylaws.

Moreover, the IWCO members had the chance to participate in various workshops created to stimulate the local committees’ wellfare and effectiveness through marketing, social media and crisis management as well as fundraising tips.

Summarized, the students from over 20 countries had the chance to develop the organization, discover Rotterdam by visiting Euromast, traveling on the water tramway and participating in team building activites around the most beautiful spots in the city.

The elected board:
President: Sylwia Kaczmarek (IW Warsaw)
Communications Manager: Zala Muller (IW Slovenia)
Network Development Manager: Anna Walczyk (IW Warsaw)
Fundraising Manager: Anne-Joel Leerling (IW Holland)
Marketing Manager: Jens Lin (IW Cologne)

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