IWCO Conference Warsaw


The conference lasting 4 days resulted in choosing new Board, however it didn’t come easily, since Marketing Manager was chosen only after the conference, via on-line voting. Other than that, all IWCO member who attended the conference were happy with the results of it, had the feeling that they discussed many important topics and managed to spend some time together on networking activities, such as rope park in Warsaw or city tour. They also organized International Dinner where they were able to exchange traditional dishes.

Board elected:

President: Berkan Poyraz (IW Cologne)
Communications Manager: Artemi Daniliuk (IW Barcelona)
Enlargement Manager: Karolina Piotrowska (IW Warsaw)
Fundraising Manager: Vera Hagen (IW Switzerland)
Marketing Manager: Stina Schmiedel (IW Lund)

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