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IWCO Conference

One of the IWCO events, the annual General Assembly, also known as the IWCO Conference, takes place every year in a different location and brings together all IW organizers from all over the world. During that meeting the IWCO members discuss relevant issues and vote on decisions.

Who participates in this event?

First of all - the organizers, who are always current Board members, together with small committee (usually people connected to IWCO network from the location, where conference takes place). Besides that, every IWCO member (that is International Week committee) is allowed to send up to two representatives.
Therefore, at the Conference there is a variety of students from different countries, who all together debate on the future of organization, find solutions to problems and share best practices with each other.



International Week Alumni Weekend, also known as IWAW, is a yearly alumni meeting, organized in order to enhance the potential of the IW Network by strengthening our gained contacts within International Weeks around the world. By creating an official alumni platform, we ensure that alumnis stay connected and have the opportunity to gain new contacts by joining our annual alumni event on a local and international level. The Alumni Weekend each year takes place in a different location and is organized by local IW organizers, willing to help. Every time, around 100 students from about 20 countries get together to reunite. This is a great occasion to meet friends, they haven’t seen for a long time, but also talk about future plans and share working experiences.

Are you interested in the organizing process?

Would you like your city to become the hosting location for the next IWAW?
Contact our Communications/Alumni Manager and let us know how we can help each other: